20 Ways You Can Help the Lange Guild and Promote the Cause of Mother Lange 

Dr. Marie-Alberte Boursiquot (left), Sulpician Father John W. Bowen, Oblate Sister of Providence Mary Alexis Fisher, Oblate Sister of Providence Magdala Maria Gilbert and Therese Wilson Favors prepare official documents to be shipped to the Vatican for the sainthood cause of Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange May 12 at the Oblate Sisters' mother house in Halethorpe. (CR Staff/Owen Sweeney III)

Want to know how you can help promote the canonization of Mother Lange? The Guild has outlined 20 ways you can assist. This list covers a wide array of options to suit the time and interest of most friends of the cause; however, it is by no means exhaustive, and we encourage you to be creative in the ways you can help the Mother Lange Guild.
                                                                    Adapted by Catherine Hines 
1. Be proud to be a member!
2. Keep your contact information up to date by contacting the Guild via phone at 410-242-6861 or via email at       
    srmmel@aol.com or www.oblatesisters.com
3. Celebrate Mother Lange's life with her daughters during Black History Month, especially the anniversary of her death     
    Feb. 3rd. The annual novena of masses for your intentions will be celebrated beginning January 25th and ending February 2nd.
4. Visit the Mother Lange Guild promotional site and the Oblate Sisters of Providence Convent.
5. Read The Lange Letter.
6. When you have finished with your copy of The Lange letter, pass it on to a friend.
7. Shop for Christmas gifts and other occasions in the Guild Office and Motherhouse Gift Shop.
8. Pass along Lange materials to friends, teachers, colleagues and libraries.
9. Get five or six or more friends together and plan a pilgrimage to walk in Mother Lange;s footsteps.
10. Call the office and learn how you can volunteer.
11. Say the prayer for the beatification of Mother Mary Lange daily.
12. Invite three friends to join the Mother Lange Guild. ($15.00 annual individual membership).
13. Start a chapter of Mother Lange Guild in your church or social group.
14. Learn about Mother Lange's history by visiting the Reginald Lewis Museum and /or blacks in 
     Wax Museum in Baltimore.
15. Donate your estate to the Mother Mary Lange Guild.
16. Learn about and support the various ministries of the Oblate Sisters of Providence.
17. Share the blessings of Mother Lange
18. Submit an article to your local paper or church bulletin on the gifts of Mother Lange.
19. Share your knowledge with a youth group. (encourage vocations).
20. In Mother Lange's words, "Do all you can for the glory and honor of God."

Please enroll in Mother Mary Lange Guild
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