Favors asked favors received
For those with faith, no explanation is necessary; for those without faith, no explanation is possible.

A Prayer Answered
"I am full of joy, praise and many thanks for answered prayers.  One of my sons has secured a job he totally loves.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for me and my family.  Most of all dear Mother Mary Lange, thank your for your intercession to God."  T; MD

Heard Prayers
"My friend was experiencing extreme mental distress that caused her to be suicidal.  She was placed on many medications and had previous admission to the hospital.  Nothing worked for her over this past year.  In July I took her a Mother Mary Lange prayer and asked her to say it as often as she could.  Within two weeks she is off all medications and is back to herself and she said the prayer helped"  KS; PA
"This is written from Santiago, Cuba to tell about the favors, the miracles, the marvels and blessings brought to my life by invoking the spirit of Mother Mary Lange on my behalf during my corporal, mental and spiritual ordeal, saving me with the gift of the Holy Spirit from lengthy hospital processes almost two years ago.  Illness is a burden that can only be endured by an unbreakable trust in God and all His saints."  IA; Cuba

Trust in God
"My friend was working at a local cemetery and was replaced by another person.  I prayed to Mother Mary Lange about the situation.  Soon I heard that my friend had returned to the same job.  Thank you God and Mother Lange for this favor."  WM; MI

A Watchful Eye
"Even when I have no idea that Mother Lange was protecting me she showed up by letting me find materials about her.  This reminded me that although my devotion had grown somewhat cold my near accident reminded me that she was still there protecting me from danger.  I thanked her for protecting me and have learned a good lesson."  MA; FL

Continue to Pray
"Let us continue to lift our prayerful petition to God through the intercession of Mother Mary Lange.  Mother Lange, like Mary the mother of Jesus, has great influence with our Lord.  She has the ear of the Lord, so feel free to go to her for your special and not so special needs.  Ask Sister Dorothy Yancy, OSP.  Her day is full of gifts Mother Lange has gifted her and friends."

Educational Assist
"I've been praying to Mother Lange each morning for a young woman, the first in her family to attend college.  First Semester she got 3 A's and a B.  Thank You, Mother Lange."  GB; IL

Financial Footage
"I thank Mother Lange for financial aid received while out of work after disabling foot surgery."  AC;MD

Welcome, Refugee
"God be praised!  I got my United States asylum through the intercession of Mother Mary Lange on Monday, 9/11/2006.  Several years ago, I arrived in this country, my life threatened, from an African Nation in turmoil.  I found a leaflet with Mother Lange's story and prayer at the first African Eucharistic Congress.  Soon after I met an Oblate Sister, so I was led to pray for Mother Lange's aid.  At my next visit to Immigration Court, after 4 years of seeking asylum, it was granted to me only 20 minutes later!  Thank You, Mother Lange!"  F.R.M.; MD

Seeking after Believing
"I had an aneurysm in my left brain.  Instant death if it burst!  The doctor had a procedure to repair it, but it was very delicate and risky with possible complications.  I prayed for guidance, faithfully said the Mother Lange prayer, deciding to put my life in God's hands and go through the surgery.  Before the anesthetist began, I asked to have a minute to pray:  "I love you, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, . . . my Lady in blue, I love you."  Then, about to fall asleep, I say Mother Lange!!! She reassured me, "Rest, my dear, you will be all right."  I woke up from a successful surgery, with so much gratitude to God, Blessed Mother, and Mother Mary Lange!  I continue to ask for full recovery."  P.K.S.; MD

Family Reunited
{Translated from Spanish}
Sister, I a from Cuba, a former student of the Oblate's Madre Consuella Clifford Academy.  I prayed to Mother Elizabeth Lange, OSP to obtain for me the opportunity to come to the U.S. to see my children whom I'd not seen in four years.  Mother Lange obtained for me this favor. I.O.; Cuba

Job Up-Grade/Service Recognized
Dear Sisters:  "Somebody up there must be listening intently to Mother Lange.  My manager offered me the opportunity to move up in responsibility, get more hours and a salary increase"  Prayer works!  Also, I received congratulations and an award for volunteer service in which I am engaged.  F.M.; MD

Health Improved
Sister:  "We have awesome news!  The last scan after a summer of chemotherapy and hospital admissions indicated no new tumors (Whoo-hoo!!!)."  Yes, we are so excited!   The tumors that had been on her (7th grader) spine and arm are gone . . . . Please join us in a prayer of thanksgiving and keep her in prayer.  L.A. (e-mail)

Journey in Faith
Sister:  The introduction [to the script I'm trying to get published] is in the hands of a Hollywood producer.  A biography will be published [following] information about details of the cast and production.  An editor [of a national newspaper] will work with me on its publication.  [Thee is still a ways to go, but we've come a long, long way.]  Thanks to Mother Lange.  

Healing Testimony & Medical Documentation of Noah Maurice Young. B.D.  -  08/17/81

Events from 6/10/2000  -  10/10/2000

University of Maryland Medical Center

"Mr Young is 16, and early this morning he was shot in the retro-orbital region.  The bullet traveled from the right temporal lobe, possibly bouncing off the right petrous pyramid and perforating the tentorium and after again perforating the occipital, being lodged underneath the skin . . ."

His mother was told that it was doubtful that he would last through the night.  She was advised that should he survive, he would be in a vegative state.  The mother, Ms. Garnetta Anderson, Baltimore (410-788-50770), simply pleaded with God to save her son.  Both the aunt, Ms. Ruth McCoy, and the Liturgical minister of St. Veronica Catholic Church, Robert Matthews, prayed specifically to Mother Mary Lange for the healing of Noah Maurice Young.

Today Mr. Noah Maurice Young is well, very functional, has a two year old daughter and works at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.